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Total Wellness

Down to Earth takes a functional approach to help you balance your health and well-being. With the services we provide, we can customize your plan of care to your unique needs and goals. We’re committed to doing things differently because YOU are worthy of that.

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Peptide Therapy

Peptides are triggers within cells that communicate how to perform a wide range of precise cellular functions. Your body naturally produces peptides, but as you age, production slows down and levels decline. Peptide therapy may be an effective way to restore cells to optimal function. Peptides may help you lose weight, increase energy, improve brain function, and more.

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Weight Loss

Weight loss is a journey unique to each person. For some people, losing weight is a long-term battle. For others, managing changes caused by weight loss and maintaining your weight goal are a struggle. We will support you on your weight loss journey, whatever it looks like for you.

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Bioidentical Hormones

Hormones are critical for the balance of the body’s natural functions such as sleep, urinary health, memory, maintaining a healthy weight, sexual function, and mental health. Without proper balance, bones and tissues and body functions begin to break down.* BHRT can be used to restore normal levels of hormones when they are out of balance.

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IV Therapy

Our IV Therapy offers a powerful vitamin and mineral boost in a rejuvenating environment designed to enhance your wellness journey. Our IV therapy features custom-blended IV infusions tailored to meet your specific health needs, goals, and budget.

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Ozone Therapy

Ozone and Ultraviolet Light are two separate therapies combined into one IV for maximum results. Ozone is O3, very similar to oxygen (O2) with an extra atom. Ultraviolet light gives photonic energy and “deep cleans.” Both ozone and UBI have an effect on cells, tissues, and organs.

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Boost your energy, support weight loss, and enhance overall wellness with our wide range of vitamin injections tailored to your needs. Experience the benefits of targeted nutrients with personalized care at Down to Earth Wellness Center.

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Lab Testing

We believe in a “test, don’t guess” approach. Often our clients had basic lab panels with their doctor and were told nothing was wrong despite their troubling symptoms. We can do more extensive testing at our in-house lab to ensure correct and effective recommendations for you.

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Supplements at DTE are curated to ensure they are physician-grade and made with the highest quality standards. This means that our supplements have been carefully vetted so that you can feel confident you are taking exactly what the bottle says you are.

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Our retail space allows us to share some of the purest, finest products that we use for health and home with you. Supplements, personal products, skin care, clean candles, pressed juice, and healthy snacks are just a few items carried within our retail area.

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