Peptide therapy

Peptides are triggers within cells that communicate how to perform a wide range of precise cellular functions. Your body naturally produces peptides, but as you age, production slows down and levels decline. Peptide therapy may be an effective way to restore cells to optimal function. Peptides may help you lose weight, increase energy, improve brain function, and more.

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cellular restoration

This therapy can enhance weight loss, boost energy levels, and improve brain function by revitalizing cells to operate at their best.

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Personalized Treatment

Peptide therapy is customized to each client’s unique needs, ensuring clients receive precisely what their body requires for optimal results.

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We ensure the chosen peptides are safe and effective. This process ensures clients receive therapies that truly work, promoting better health and wellness.

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Individualized Care

We prioritize personalized care and thorough assessments before recommending peptide therapy for weight loss or muscle gain. Unlike many clinics and med spas that take a one-size-fits-all approach, we understand that each individual’s health needs are unique. We conduct comprehensive evaluations to ensure that any peptide therapy is appropriate and tailored to the client’s specific health profile. This careful consideration helps us provide effective and safe treatments that truly address each client’s unique needs.

We recognize that the cookie-cutter approach used by other facilities fails to account for the complexities of individual health. At Down to Earth Wellness Center, we believe in personalized treatment plans that evolve with our clients’ needs. By working closely with each client, we develop a customized strategy that prioritizes their health and well-being. Our meticulous assessment process ensures that every treatment decision is made with the client’s best interest in mind, reaffirming our commitment to providing high-quality, individualized care.

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Our Peptide Process


Initial Consultation | $49

Meet with a member of the medical team to discuss your needs and goals. Once we decide together what peptide is right for you, we will review the safety protocols, which will likely include lab work. You can get started right away with an initial dose of the peptide, or you could wait for your follow-up appointment if you prefer.

Office Visit | $150

Office visits ($150) are required every three months. These visits help ensure safety and allow for any adjustments needed as your treatment continues.

Transition to Maintenance

Office visits ($150) are required every three months. These visits help ensure safety and allow for any adjustments needed as your treatment continues.Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium.

Additional Services

Some peptides require InBody Scans to monitor weight loss and muscle mass.  Additionally, your provider may recommend additional therapies that could be layered onto your treatment plan.

InBody Scan | $25
Complimentary for clients on our Rejuvenate Membership. Learn more here.

Asynchronous Urgent Visit | $150Optional in-depth communication with provider to address specific concerns that might arise during your wellness journey when an in-person visit is not available.

Transition to Total Wellness & Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Some clients start with peptides and then choose to utilize BHRT or become interested in total wellness. If our provider is managing both your peptides and BHRT, you would become part of our total wellness program. Transitioning over is very easy. Transition Fee: $300 + Provider Access Fee. Learn more here.

What our CLIENTS say

Christi P.

Great care and friendly staff! Specific treatment catered to your health needs!

Erin E.

Very caring and knowledgeable staff with a peaceful atmosphere. Highly recommend them for your health needs.

Stephanie C.

My experience here has been wonderful! The team is always very friendly and helpful, and Sarah Godsave takes time discussing things thoroughly with you, trying to get to the cause of any issue. I never feel rushed. I highly recommend for holistic care!

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Find answers to commonly asked questions at DTE.

How does Down to Earth Wellness Center's approach to peptide therapy differ from other practices and med spas?

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At Down to Earth Wellness Center, we prioritize your health and safety by integrating thorough initial consultations, extensive lab work, and ongoing monitoring into our peptide therapy program. Unlike many other practices that may hand out peptides without proper safety measures, we ensure that each client undergoes comprehensive lab testing and regular follow-ups to tailor the therapy to their individual needs and goals. This careful and personalized approach helps maximize the effectiveness of the therapy while minimizing risks.

What can I expect during the initial consultation for peptide therapy?

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The initial consultation, which costs $49, involves meeting with a member of our medical team to discuss your health needs and goals. During this consultation, we work with you to determine which peptide therapy is the best option and review the necessary safety protocols, which typically include lab work. Labs are drawn in-house for convenience. You can choose to start with an initial dose of the peptide immediately or wait until your follow-up appointment. This thorough initial process ensures that the therapy is safe and effective for your specific situation.

What are the benefits of peptide therapy, and how do peptides work?

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Peptides are naturally occurring in the body and act as signaling molecules that communicate with cells to perform a variety of functions. As we age, the production of peptides decreases, leading to various health issues. Peptide therapy can help restore cellular function to optimal levels, potentially aiding in weight loss, increasing energy, improving brain function, enhancing muscle mass, and supporting overall wellness. By supplementing the body's natural peptides, we can trigger specific cellular responses to improve health outcomes.

What safety measures are in place for peptide therapy at Down to Earth Wellness Center?

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Safety is our top priority. Our peptide therapy process includes extensive lab work to ensure that the therapy is safe and suitable for each individual. During the initial consultation, we discuss your medical history and perform the necessary tests to establish a baseline. Follow-up office visits every three months are required to monitor progress, adjust dosages if necessary, and address any concerns. This rigorous approach ensures that the therapy remains safe and effective throughout your treatment.

How does the Rejuvenate Membership enhance peptide therapy, and what are its benefits?

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The Rejuvenate Membership, available for $199 per month, offers additional treatments and cost-saving benefits to enhance your peptide therapy. Membership benefits include one monthly complimentary Premium IV Therapy or Signature IV Therapy and injection of choice, complimentary InBody scans, 5% off all products and services, complimentary Normatec 2.0 Leg Recovery, complimentary monthly pressed juice or shot, and a complimentary birthday injection of choice. These additional treatments and services can help optimize the effects of peptide therapy and support overall health and wellness.

What is the process for transitioning to the total wellness program if I am receiving both peptide therapy and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?

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If you are managing both peptide therapy and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) with us, you will be considered a total wellness client. Transitioning to this program is straightforward and involves a transition fee of $300 plus a provider access fee, which includes three months of access. As a total wellness client, you benefit from priority access to your provider, the ability to message the medical team via the portal, no co-pay for in-house lab draws, access to insurance for lab work, and a 5% discount on all products and services. This integrated approach ensures comprehensive care and continuous monitoring for optimal health outcomes.

Learn more about our provider access fee by clicking here.


The Rejuvenate Membership can enhance your wellness journey. For $199 per month,
you can layer powerful treatments and receive the following cost-saving benefits:

1 Complimentary Premium IV Therapy OR 1 Complimentary Signature IV Therapy and Injection of choice

5% off all
products and services

Complimentary Monthly
Pressed Juice or Shot

Complimentary Birthday
Injection of Choice

Complimentary Normatec
2.0 Leg Recovery

InBody Scans