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A reset for your mind, body, and soul.

DTE Wellness Center: Top Spa in Greenwood, IA

Vitamin Therapy

Relieve stress, balance hormones, boost immunity, reduced inflammation, improve mental focus and increase energy with IV hydration and injections. 

DTE Wellness Center: Top Spa in Greenwood, IA
DTE Wellness Center: Top Spa in Greenwood, IA
DTE Wellness Center: Top Spa in Greenwood, IA
DTE Wellness Center: Top Spa in Greenwood, IA

Functional Lab Testing

Lab testing that measures levels of the most important hormones, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids and amino acids needed for optimal health and healing. Many other unique tests available that detect food sensitivities and gut health that may be causing inflammation and chronic disease. 

DTE Wellness Center: Top Spa in Greenwood, IA

NAD+ IV Therapy

NAD+ infusions are the ultimate way to rebalance your body and brain. This infusion is a coenzyme that promotes cellular regeneration that may help reverse symptoms of aging such as memory decline, weight gain from decreased metabolism and fatigue. 

DTE Wellness Center: Top Spa in Greenwood, IA
DTE Wellness Center: Top Spa in Greenwood, IA

Our world is changing,

our medical care has to adapt.

Down to Earth Wellness Center does not believe health is merely the “absence of disease”. Our integrative, forward approach will help you to understand the cause of the problem. We provide solutions that restore the bodies balance naturally. Youthful energy returns and you can live each day to the fullest.

DTE Wellness Center: Top Spa in Greenwood, IA

Plans & Pricing

Because you deserve a

reset on a monthly basis.

DTE Wellness Center: Top Spa in Greenwood, IA

Features & Benefits

Health Care Re-imagined 

Think about it… wouldn’t it be nice to know that every month, you’ll have at least one hour all to yourself to recharge and fuel your fire? That’s why we created our membership. 


Our Down to Earth VIP clients will visit us 1-2 times per month depending on their wellness plan. We’ve created our Reset and Reset+ options for the overwhelmed, the absolutely exhausted, and the ones who just need to commit to pouring into themselves. Let’s make it official.

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Sarah is the best!! Weight loss plan is awesome and can't wait to start it again! I've always had stomach issues and constantly feeling tired, found out I have high levels of aluminum and MOLD!!! DTE is treating me for that now!! Staff is wonderful and I would recommend them to everyone!

Wendy C.

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Down to Earth Wellness Center is awesome. It's beautifully decorated and very clean. Sarah and her staff truly care about your overall wellness and are very knowledgeable in helping to get to your best self. The IV infusion therapy has given me so much more natural energy, it's also helped with my digestion and my sleep. Also, my skin is smoother and brighter since doing the PCA chemical peel. I would definitely recommend going and seeing what all they have to offer.

Erin D.

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Marlana and Sarah we’re very nice and polite .They take proud in their work. They made feel very comfortable.They answered all my questions.And I will be going back .Thanks

Betty S.


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Welcome to DTE Wellness Center where we’ve reimagined health care in a way that benefits YOU and prioritizes your well-being.


If we’re being honest, we think that our society is a little bit upside down when it comes to current care. Right now, you likely wait until you don’t feel well to call your doctor who schedules an appointment and asks “what’s wrong with you” when you visit. 


Maybe they run labs that come back “normal” and determine nothing is wrong so you just accept that this state of feeling mediocre is how it’s going to be from now on. 


My friend, we want you to know that this is NOT normal. You deserve to feel your absolute best so that you can spend time in life enjoying the things that fill your heart. 

I’m Sarah Godsave, the nurse practitioner and founder of Down to Earth Wellness Center.

I take a  functional approach to balance your health and well-being. With   the services we provide I can customize your plan of care. We’re committed to doing things differently because YOU are worthy of that. 


The first step to getting started is to book a wellness consultation where we will develop a customized plan of care that gets to the root of whatever you’re experiencing.


Welcome to the new way of getting the vitamins and minerals you need to prevent and help treat anything from exhaustion, inflammation, hormone imbalance and so much more. We have different treatments based on what you need to give you that boost of goodness.


Let’s be honest, losing weight is H.A.R.D. You’ve tried so many things and you feel defeated because nothing sticks and you’re done with yo-yo dieting. That’s why we offer our Fresh Start Program to help reset your metabolism while helping you lose ½ to 1 pound per day without muscle loss. We know, sounds too good to be true, but before you throw your hands up and say “that won’t work for me,” read the details here and before we do anything, just know we will book a wellness consultation first to make sure this program is best for your health.


There’s no question about it - when you have glowing skin, you walk around with this new-found confidence that just feels so good. At Down to Earth, we offer a variety of facials designed to correct and transform. And don’t worry, all of our facials include an element of relaxation because you deserve that.

A reset for your mind, body, and soul.

Invest in your Health

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