Rejuvenate Membership

Stay consistent with your IV services and save more with the Rejuvenate Membership. Enjoy regular IV treatments and exclusive cost-saving benefits designed to make it easy and accessible to receive the benefits of regular IV therapies.

why join?

Joining the Rejuvenate Membership is an investment in your holistic health and wellness. As a member, you receive a complimentary Premium or Signature IV Therapy and an injection of your choice every month. Additionally, enjoy a complimentary monthly Pressed Juice or shot to boost your nutrition naturally. Members also receive a 5% discount on all products and services. Celebrate your birthday with a complimentary injection of your choice, adding a personal touch to your wellness journey.

The Rejuvenate Membership is designed to integrate into any lifestyle, whether you prefer monthly visits for IV infusions or are committed to a more intensive wellness plan involving peptides, bioidentical hormones, or total wellness care. Enjoy the added perks of complimentary Normatec 2.0 Leg Recovery sessions and InBody scans, allowing you to track your progress and recovery. These benefits ensure that your wellness care is consistent and effective. Joining the Rejuvenate Membership can support your long-term health goals with comprehensive, personalized care.

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The Rejuvenate Membership can enhance your peptide therapy. For $199 per month, you can layer powerful treatments and receive the following cost-saving benefits:

1 Complimentary Premium IV Therapy OR 1 Complimentary Signature IV Therapy and Injection of choice

5% off all
products and services

Complimentary Monthly
Pressed Juice or Shot

Complimentary Birthday
Injection of Choice

Complimentary Normatec
2.0 Leg Recovery

InBody Scans



Find answers to commonly asked questions at DTE.

What does the Rejuvenate Membership include?

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The Rejuvenate Membership is $199 per month and includes one complimentary Premium IV therapy OR 1 complimentary Signature IV therapy and injection of your choice, a complimentary monthly Pressed Juice or shot, 5% off all products and services, a complimentary birthday injection of your choice, complimentary Normatec 2.0 Leg Recovery, and complimentary InBody scans.

What if I can’t use my benefits in a particular month?

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If you are unable to use your benefits in a particular month, you can share your Rejuvenate Membership benefits with a friend or family member up to two times per year.

What are the additional perks of being a Rejuvenate Member?

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Besides the monthly benefits, Rejuvenate Members enjoy a 5% discount on all products and services, personalized access to our medical team, and special benefits like a complimentary birthday injection and Normatec 2.0 Leg Recovery sessions.

Is there a commitment period for the Rejuvenate Membership?

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Yes, the Rejuvenate Membership requires a 12-month commitment. All benefits and cancellation terms are outlined in your membership contract.

How can I maximize the benefits of my Rejuvenate Membership?

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To get the most out of your membership, take advantage of the monthly IV therapy or injection, enjoy the complimentary Pressed Juice or shot, and utilize the discounts on additional products and services. Don’t forget to share your benefits with a friend or family member twice a year if you can’t use them, and make use of the complimentary InBody Scans to track your health progress.