Welcome to DTE Wellness Center where we’ve reimagined health care in a way that benefits YOU and prioritizes your well-being. If we’re being honest, we think that our society is a little bit upside down when it comes to current care.

Right now, you likely wait until you don’t feel well to call your doctor who schedules an appointment and asks “what’s wrong with you” when you visit. Maybe they run labs that come back “normal” and determine nothing is wrong so you just accept that this state of feeling mediocre is how it’s going to be from now on. My friend, we want you to know that this is NOT normal. You deserve to feel your absolute best so that you can spend time in life enjoying the things that fill your heart.

I’m Sarah Godsave, the nurse practitioner and founder of Down to Earth Wellness Center. I take a  functional approach to balance your health and well-being. With   the services we provide I can customize your plan of care. We’re committed to doing things differently because YOU are worthy of that. The first step to getting started is to book a wellness consultation where we will develop a customized plan of care that gets to the root of whatever you’re experiencing.

Finally, the program that will help to reset your metabolism so that you lose weight, keep it off, and don’t sacrifice losing muscle.

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Root Cause

Our medical staff strive to identify root causes of your medical history and advanced functional lab testing. We treat you rather than just your symptoms.


We offer a variety of speciality testing services including hormone testing, GI/Functional testing, nutritional evaluation testing and genetic testing. 


Convenient collaboration with your healthcare providers via secure messaging through your patient portal. Enjoy longer appointment times where you get to ask questions and be comfortable with your treatment plan. 


Food is essential to your health and well-being: however, figuring out what you should eat can be overwhelming. Our health coaches will guide you to eat for your health, lose weight, feel great and increase your longevity. 


Enjoy free 24x7 access to your medical records and lab results via our easy-to-use patient portal. Try our online appointment scheduling tool and use secure messaging to safely communicate with your practitioners. Set your portal up here.

How Can We Help?

Do you feel: forgetful, exhausted, unfocused, crampy, sad, or just unwell?
There's a reason and we're committed to helping you figure it out.

  • Autoimmune

  • Cancer Support

  • Lyme

  • Pre/post operative conditions

  • Wound healing

  • Viral/ Bacterial Infections

  • Long Covid Syndrome

  • Mold

  • Mycotoxins

  • Parasites

  • Skin conditions (acne/eczema)

  • Chronic disease

  • Weight loss

  • DNA Profiling

  • Hormones

  • Peptides

  • Environmental Toxins

  • Gut Health


Who can benefit from WELLNESS CARE?

Address immune system problems using an approach that “resets” rather than suppresses
Address mental health issues that may be occurring due to biological dysfunctions
Identify blocks in critical body pathways needed for energy production and detoxification
Maintain health by balancing systems using optimal levels from our “prime” years, so you can grow old without feeling bad
Treat chronic disease from the underlying cause rather than the just treating the symptoms of disease so overall health actually improves
Identify abnormalities in your health early so they can be corrected before problems/chronic disease occur
Identify individual DNA differences that can put you at risk for disease and create a plan to find new pathways for prevention
Identify current or past exposures to toxins from the environment and implement detoxification protocols to improve health
Identify critical minerals and vitamins you may not be getting from your current food and water sources
Identify potential issues not addressed in western medicine such as parasites, lyme disease or mold exposure that can create significant health issues 
First Time?

What to expect

During the first appointment, we will spend approximately an hour together discussing your goals and detailed health history starting from birth. We will also discuss pertinent family medical history. Details are important. In fact the smallest details can be most important. I also like for you to identify the areas that lessen your daily quality of life. This gives us a great starting point.

At the conclusion of this appointment, I order an extensive panel of  blood work from a normal lab that you are accustomed to using. You are able to utilize insurance if it’s available. This gives me data to determine how your body is functioning and clues for parts that are struggling.

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Wellness Consultation
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medical disclaimer

Down to Earth Wellness Centers functional medicine consultant works in conjunction with your current health care team and is NOT considered a replacement for your primary care physician. Down to Earth Wellness Center requires all new patients to have a primary care physician to cover emergencies and routine care and screening.


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What Is Functional Medicine?

Our bodies and their systems (organs, muscles, bones, etc.) are masterpieces of design. Every part has its specific functions as well as an interrelationship with the whole. When you experience symptoms, it’s your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t working at its full function. Our role is to work with you to determine what’s not functioning, why, and how we might assist you in restoring your health.

We use a holistic, supportive, patient-centered approach to healthcare that benefits patients of all ages and conditions. As functional medicine practitioners, we consider the web of interactions that occur among the following:

-Digestive function
-Detoxification function
-Energy metabolism
-Hormonal function
-Structural function
-Immune system function/inflammation

We clarify the extent of any dysfunction by intensive listening (taking your history), physical examination, and laboratory tests. Once we have identified the root causes of your symptoms, we recommend specific treatments and therapies, including dietary changes, nutritional supplementation, herbal medicines, exercise and stress reduction appropriate to your lifestyle, chiropractic treatment, mind body medicine, and pharmaceutical use when necessary. We consider ourselves to be your partners in improving your health.

We also use functional medicine to assess your risk of developing certain health conditions and to prevent chronic illnesses from occurring. In this way, we move from a downstream (reactive) approach, to an upstream (proactive) approach. We can help you determine what factors are “pushing you into the river” in the first place by identifying your susceptibilities. One of our newest approaches is functional genetic testing. Although you cannot change the “hand of cards you have been dealt” genetically, with this information we can assist you in “playing your hand” in a more effective way. This approach offers significant promise regarding prevention of cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis, as well as successfully addressing a number of common maladies.

What all does the Consultation Include?

Your first consultation you will have an hour with NP Sarah Godsave. She will listen to your concerns and health history. 

What To Bring To Your Wellness Consultation

Here is a list of what you should bring to your initial visit:

1:Completed Wellness Assessment Form (Located in your patient portal or you can click here to print)
2:List of all medications and supplements that you are currently taking (please bring all bottles with you if possible)
3:Bring any recent labs or imaging that you have had done in the past 2-3 years
4:Feel free to bring a friend or family member with you if you would find that helpful.

After my consultation what does the process look like?

Depending on the person. After your consultation you will follow up with labs, after Sarah has time to get your lab order together. You will follow up with an office visit after those labs to discuss what is going on and get your plan of care taken off. We may recommend a supplement plan, IV’s, or Ozone and UltraViolet Light Therapy. Treatment plans are customized to each individual depending on their needs.

Prescription Refills

We would like to provide you with prescription refills as quickly as possible. Our office receives many calls from patients and pharmacies on a daily basis for refills.

Please call your pharmacy first for refills rather than contacting the office. This helps the pharmacy to identify your prescription number. It also helps us ensure that you are indeed taking what we have prescribed and will clarify dosages and decrease the chances for medical errors. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

If you have not been seen for over three months, you may need to schedule an appointment prior to getting your refill. As always, please let us know how we can serve you better!

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please notify us at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. We reserve the right to charge half of the service amount if notified 24-48 hours prior to the appointment or the full service amount if notified 24 hours or less.

Late Appointments

We make every attempt to stay on schedule. If you are late for your appointment by more than 15 minutes we will have to reschedule your appointment. Individuals who are late more than 3 times will only be allowed to schedule on the same-day. Please call us if you are running late so that we are able to accommodate others who need to be seen.


Down to Earth Wellness Center does not bill insurance. Payment is expected at the time of service. We will provide you with a receipt for services, which you may submit to your insurance plan for reimbursement.

We are not a participating provider in Medicaid or Medicare and we have opted-out of Medicare. This means your appointment cannot be submitted to Medicare for any coverage.

To learn more about our Direct Pay Model please click here. 

How do I get started as a functional medicine client?

Please fill out our New Patient Wellness Consultation form here. After you fill out that form a member of our wellness concierge team will contact you to set up your appointment and discuss your health goals and ask questions about our office and services. We want to make sure that it’s a good fit for both of us and that our offerings are going to best support you on your journey to optimal health.

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