Welcome to DTE Wellness Center where we’ve reimagined health care in a way that benefits YOU and prioritizes your well-being.


If we’re being honest, we think that our society is a little bit upside down when it comes to current care. Right now, you likely wait until you don’t feel well to call your doctor who schedules an appointment and asks “what’s wrong with you” when you visit.


Maybe they run labs that come back “normal” and determine nothing is wrong so you just accept that this state of feeling mediocre is how it’s going to be from now on.


My friend, we want you to know that this is NOT normal. You deserve to feel your absolute best so that you can spend time in life enjoying the things that fill your heart.

I’m Sarah Godsave, the nurse practitioner and founder of Down to Earth Wellness Center.


I take a functional approach to balance your health and well-being. With the services we provide I can customize your plan of care. We’re committed to doing things differently because YOU are worthy of that.


Tune into my podcast launching November 22, 2021 where we dive into my personal wellness journey and get to the root of whatever you’re experiencing.



Sarah Godsave, FNP-C