Our team at Down to Earth Wellness Center is focused on clients, ensuring that everyone receives excellent wellness care as well as exceptional service. From skillful medical professionals to friendly and knowledgeable wellness concierges, our team makes the Down to Earth Wellness experience unmatched in the community.


Sarah Godsave

FNP-C & Medical Director

Sarah Godsave is the medical director and nurse practitioner at Down to Earth Wellness Center. She is focused on patient wellness care, bringing her experience in functional health and passion for research to serve clients wherever they are on their health journey. She enjoys working with those who have been frustrated by medicine in the past, feeling hopeless that they could feel better. Sarah works tirelessly to bring those clients back to health. She is also eager to bring her experiences to others who want to prevent problems and chronic diseases before they begin. Sarah says she is married to her soulmate, Matt, with whom she has raised four children in the Greenwood area. A lifelong learner, Sarah’s favorite hobbies are reading, gardening, and going to conferences. 

Dylan Godsave

CEO & Operations Director

Dylan Godsave is the Operations Director and CEO at Down to Earth Wellness Center. Dylan started his first business when he was 14 years old. It was an e-commerce company manufacturing and selling products sold online and in stores. In high school, he started a second business, a logistics company that worked out of a warehouse. Those early experiences prepared him to help start Down to Earth Wellness, a company that his family has built from the ground up. He is passionate about using tech skills, business acumen, and innovation to provide clients at DTE with an experience unlike any other. When he is not serving up non-alcoholic cocktails or playing with his dogs, he is traveling as often as he can despite long hours at DTE.

Katya Knapp

Office Manager

Katya Knapp is the office manager at Down to Earth Wellness Center. Katya keeps DTE running smoothly, from managing wellness staff to connecting clients with the right care for them. She’s also a licensed aesthetician who enjoys helping people improve the condition of their skin. She says that she loves DTE “because we are helping clients get to the root of their health problems and aren’t just giving them a band-aid solution, so it’s cool to actually watch people start feeling better and seeing their labs improve.” In her free time, Katya loves Mexican food and says she enjoys shopping and hanging out with friends and her boyfriend. Katya can help a client with anything from a supplement order to billing questions, and she also hosts the clean cooking show “Cooking with Katya.”

Ryan Godsave

Wellness Concierge

Ryan Godsave is a wellness concierge at Down to Earth Wellness Center. He enjoys greeting new people and creating connections with unfamiliar places. For Ryan, seeing DTE grow from a small family business into a flourishing wellness company that serves its clients well has been rewarding. Ryan loves golf, driving his car, and working out. He has played almost every sport you can think of. When DTE decides to add a bookshelf or table, Ryan is often the one to assemble it. Some of his favorite memories have been his travels: homeschooling allowed him to spend two months in Hawaii during the pandemic and a month in Arizona. 

Marlana Hitchings

IV Room Manager

Marlana Hitchings is our IV Room Manager at Down to Earth Wellness Center, managing all lab work and overseeing IV therapies. With over 10 years experience in functional medicine and IV therapy, Marlana is also a certified medical assistant with special credentials in BHRT insertion, IV therapy, phlebotomy, PRP, and stem cell therapy. Marlana said she loves watching the transition from when a client feels sick but doesn’t know what’s wrong–frustrated by doctors saying they’re fine even though they’re miserable–to seeing them find paths to wellness so they feel great again. Marlana is also a certified body piercer who loves traveling and spending time with her kids and new grandbaby.

Kimberly Sherfeld


Kimberly Sherfeld is the aesthetician at Down to Earth Wellness Center. Kimberly is passionate about skin care and health, helping clients with self care and talking with people honestly about their skin needs and goals. As someone with 18 years experience in medical aesthetics, she understands that health on the inside shows up on the outside. She says as clients are getting healthier and balanced on the inside, she wants to help their skin reflect their best possible health. Kimberly has been with her husband for 20 years and has two young children. She loves playing trivia games, organizing messes (especially other people’s!), and collecting Nancy Drew books. 

Chastity Renfrow

Registered Nurse

Chastity Renfrow is a registered nurse at Down to Earth Wellness Center. She began her nursing career as an inpatient bedside nurse, then went to the emergency department for several years. After that, she did travel nursing. Nursing is Chastity’s second career; she was a mail carrier for many years prior to working in health care. Chastity is happily married with three children, two grandchildren, and three dogs. She enjoys cooking, hiking, camping, and traveling to new places and trying different foods. She says she is excited to work in functional medicine because she thinks teaching prevention and staying healthy are so important for client’s health.

Digital team

Casey Tedrow

Website Editor

Lyndon Bradfield

Branding Photographer

Jo Bradfield

Branding Photographer

digital team

Eric Phung

Digital Director

Eric Phung is the webmaster at Down to Earth Wellness Center. Professionally he takes care of the website. Personally, he is a father of two children who says he loves to go to the gym. While his web design doesn’t require a lot of speaking, his accent is a mix of British, New Zealander, and American because he studied abroad in both New Zealand and the United States, and his wife is British. 

Chi Pham

Front-end Developer

Chi Pham is a website builder who specializes in creating DTE’s beautiful, functional website. She has a passion for reading and discovering new technology. Chi says she finds it rewarding when she collaborates with clients to help bring their vision to life and then sees the impact her web design work has on their business or personal brand. Chi’s favorite thing is falling asleep with the window open on a rainy day.  

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