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Why are ingredients so important? 

We are very careful about the ingredients we use because IV therapies supply vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream. Some ingredients need to be stored with preservatives and some without. Some need to be stored cold while others do not. We spend quality time researching how each ingredient is made and how well it works, and we make sure that each ingredient is sourced for the optimal quality and efficacy.  Our IV bags do not come premixed from one pharmacy with whom we have a business relationship. We work with a variety of pharmacies. We make sure to use only the best ingredients in our IVs to ensure the best outcomes for our patients. 

How do you source the ingredients? 

 We use a variety of pharmacies. This is why costs can vary. Our bags are mixed at Down to Earth Wellness Center, which may mean that they are slightly less or more expensive than other places.

How do the ingredients make the IV vitamin Infusions and Injections at DTE different from other clinics? 

We always research each lab and the studies that have been done using certain ingredients. We also test each ingredient ourselves before ever introducing it to our patients. 

Are you able to customize my IV with the specific ingredients that I’m deficient in?

Only active clients on our Total Functional Health and Wellness Program have the ability to get a customized IV. Even though all vitamins are beneficial, clients in the program are tested for certain deficiencies in their blood work. This way, we can tailor their infusions to focus on those vitamins to reach optimal levels.  

Could I have a reaction to one of the ingredients?

Nearly everything in the IVs and injections are already in your body, naturally produced and maintained. However, in some clients, an ingredient (like a particular vitamin) might stimulate a process to start in your body. For example, a vitamin might allow your immune system to activate. Your body might begin a natural “detox” process. This might feel like a reaction, but it is not an allergy or a problem. It is a side effect of restoring the body and its nutrients to the correct levels.

Why does my urine look different after an IV infusion? 

This is because the vitamins and minerals that are administered through an IV drip are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and then excreted in the urine. Clients may notice a slight pink or orange tint to your urine for a couple of days after your IV treatment. This is perfectly normal. The color comes from red crystalline structures that naturally occur in vitamin B12. Riboflavin, a member of the B family of vitamins (B complex), makes the urine bright yellow.

Can you taste the ingredients? 

Sometimes. Typically, the stronger you taste the ingredients, the more deficient you are. 

Can I overdose on any of these ingredients? 

Most of our vitamins are naturally occurring building blocks within our bodies. Most of our vitamins are water-soluble vitamins, meaning that your body absorbs what it needs to and disposes the rest.  Some of our vitamins are fat soluble that store in the body. We monitor these closely and allow time between injections to allow for absorption. We also monitor through blood work to make sure levels do not get too high or too low.

How much of each ingredient is in a specific IV vitamin infusion?

Unfortunately, we cannot disclose specific dosages. We have worked hard to formulate our IV vitamin infusions over time. Like a special recipe, we protect the information about the exact dosages.

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