If you have a provider total wellness membership you do NOT need the peptide/ bioidentical hormone provider access membership to have access to those services.

rejuvenate IV Membership

-Complimentary Tier 1 or 2 IV and Complimentary Injection of Choice (OR) Complimentary Tier 3 IV

-Complimentary Monthly Pressed Juice (based on availability)

-Complimentary Fuel IV Birthday Infusion

-Complimentary Normatec 2.0 Leg Recovery (based on availability)

-Access to members only pricing

-Access to priority scheduling for personalized services

Provider Access Memberships

-Access to personalized provider care

-Access to exclusive functional testing with cash pay discounts

-Access to in-house lab draws for client convenience and comfort

-Access to exclusive client education portal

-Access to priority scheduling with your provider 

-Access to priority scheduling for personalized services


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Why would I need a membership?

We designed our memberships to allow clients to have consistent access to DTE services when they need them.

Our Provider Access Fees allows you priority access to your provider and medical team for personalized care.

Real health care takes time. It takes a knowledgeable provider who actually listens to you. It requires testing a range of levels within your body and having someone who can understand the results.  It requires a provider who educates you and empowers you to make your own health decisions.

A lot of health care isn’t like that. Time with providers and blood work tests are controlled by what insurance companies will pay. Even other wellness places put clients into a one-size-fits-all protocol determined by the business, not by the client’s individual health needs.

Down to Earth Wellness is different. That’s why we established provider access memberships. 

We have two different types of memberships. The other type of membership is the Rejuvenate Membership, which includes a monthly injection or select IV infusions and a variety of other perks. Whether you are looking to work directly with a provider for customized care or you simply want a monthly pick-me-up, our memberships offer exclusive access within our wellness center. 

Why do I have another fee on top of the services that I purchase?

The provider access fee is specific access to your provider and your medical team. The fee ensures consistent priority scheduling and personalized care. Clients without a membership can access most of the DTE services, but they do not have a provider to guide them to the best options for their personal needs. 

Think of it like you are at a hotel on vacation. You can walk around and look at places to shop and eat, but if you are hungry, it might not be the most efficient way to go. You could also stop and ask the concierge for their recommendations. They’ll ask you what kinds of food you like, preferences for ambience, how much time you have. And, as the expert, they’ll recommend somewhere you will like. Like a concierge, a medical provider at DTE knows the full range of services available, works to understand your needs and goals, and then recommends a plan just for you. For many clients, it is the more efficient way to receive the benefits of DTE’s services.

If I don’t see my provider within a month, will I still be charged for that month?

Yes. The provider access fees are considered an annual fee; monthly payments are only charged that way for your convenience. All memberships self-renew for your convenience.

Why are the first six months of the total wellness access fees included in the consultation fees, but the bioidentical peptide program fees are not? 

The Total Wellness program has a much bigger investment up front for clients. That six-month time period provides the same quality of provider care. The bioidentical peptide program is more streamlined with minimal upfront costs. Our program is still customizable for clients that decide to move forward with peptides.

What happens if I cancel before my commitment is over?

Members sign a membership agreement. That contract explains cancellation terms.

How do I change my card on file?

To change any payment information or manage your card on file, go to our membership portal. To access your portal please click the following link:

Membership Portal

When will my membership be charged?

Provider membership can be charged annually up front or financed monthly. For total wellness clients, the first fee payment occurs six months after their consultation. For bioidentical peptide clients, the first fee payment is due the day you sign up. Clients who pay the whole year up front will be charged annually; clients who pay monthly will be charged every 30 days after their first payment. For more detailed information, refer to the membership contract or ask one of our wellness concierges. All memberships self-renew for your convenience.

Can I use a gift card to purchase my membership?

No. Gift cards can’t be used on recurring membership fees.

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