Frequently Asked Questions

What is IV therapy?

IV therapy is a safe and effective way to get you 100% of the vitamins, fluids, and medications you need to feel great and make the most of your work and play. By delivering nutrients directly through a vein, we bypass the limits of even the healthiest digestive tract, ensuring 100% absorption. Administered by a registered nurse or a paramedic, the positive effects are usually felt within minutes to hours of treatment and are noticeable up to one week after your infusion.

Who can benefit from IV therapy?

Just about anyone who is 16 years and older – including professionals, parents, retirees, students, performers, and athletes. Health aware folks who value the benefits of nutrient rich food or the benefit of taking a high quality daily multi-vitamin will appreciate the health and energy boost of IV therapy nutrients. Whether you come in proactively for a monthly boost to keep you on top of your game, or as needed to recover from intense activity, getting an IV will be helpful. In a few instances, Boost IV can refuse to treat people with overly complex health issues.

How long will it take for my IV to drip?

About 45-60 minutes for your IV from start to finish, depending on the person.

Accept insurance?

We accept HSA & FSA accounts. And if you ask, we can provide you with an invoice for you to submit directly to your insurance plan.