Clients at Down to Earth Wellness Center have the option to pay for their order in installments. Orders from $50 to $17,500 are eligible.

Customers can choose between four biweekly, interest-free payments from $50 to $999.99 OR monthly payments from $150 to $17,500.

Biweekly payments do not incur additional charges, interest rates, or late fees. Monthly payments are interest-bearing from 10-36% APR and can be paid in 3, 6, or 12 months.
You must be over 18, a resident of the U.S. and meet additional eligibility criteria to qualify. Late fees may apply. Estimated payment amounts shown on product pages exclude taxes and shipping charges, which are added at checkout. Please refer to shoppay.affirm.come for all detailed finance questions. Payment options through Shop Pay Installments are subject to an eligibility check and are provided by Affirms lending partners: affirm/lenders. State notices to consumers: Rates from 0-36% APR for example a $800 purchase might cost $72.21/ mo over 12 months at a 15% APR. Payment options through Shop Pay Installments are subject to eligibility and are provided by Affirms lending partners: Options depend on your purchase amount, and a down payment may be required. More options may be available upon approval. State notice to consumers:
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learn more about direct pay

Why does a Direct Pay Practice work?

DTE uses the direct pay model because it means the wellness team can spend more time with patients, coming up with a plan based on your needs, values, and preferences. It also allows clients more direct access to the provider via secure messages, phone, and/or text. 

Insurance billing typically requires patients to submit to high deductibles and be held to strict limits for care options. Appointments are timed. Blood work options are restricted. Treatment options are determined by what the insurance company deems important. The fee-for-service insurance billing factors in cost when determining patient needs. Down to Earth Wellness is different.

Down to Earth Wellness puts patients’ needs first. While we do NOT accept insurance for care, we can provide you with an itemized receipt for you to give to your insurance company. You also may use a Health Savings Account (HSA) for payment. 

What are the benefits of direct pay care?

There are many benefits to direct pay care including:

More Time with Your Provider 
Our direct pay practice is client-focused, which means our providers provide in-depth consultations. We make sure we schedule appointments to give you true one-on-one attention. This allows you to have a more personalized health care plan. Our focus is quality time and care for our client.

Our direct pay practice is individualized for every person we serve. Which labs and services are recommended differ for every person. However, this does NOT mean costs are confusing. DTE does not hide prices for services, and as a partner in your health care, you can make choices with your providers to get the best, most cost-effective care that is tailored to your needs.

Specialized care
There is no binder in the office that tells us what “every client should do.” There is no general protocol for supplements or IVs or peptides. That kind of approach is popular but can have serious drawbacks. Rather, we work to make sure we know your precise lab information, medical history, and needs before we make recommendations. This means that different patients may pay for different tests, but the results will be as differentiated for you as possible. We strive to make your care more beneficial and ultimately, more cost effective.

Down to Earth Wellness Center accommodates client needs, even if it means having a hybrid approach with in-person or telehealth services and appointments. Many of our supplements and peptides can be shipped directly to our established clients. Of course, some care and services are still only available in person, but we work hard to be flexible.

How do costs and payments work?

Because DTE Wellness offers differentiated care, we offer differentiated tiers of service for clients to use. Some people may want to come in for our aesthetic services or an IV injection, but they may not want a full-service health care experience with our providers. That’s fine! But for some clients, a customized membership makes more sense.

Our staff will work with you to meet your needs. Below is a list of some of the programs available.

Walk-in Wellness: IV injections, aesthetics, infusions

Walk-in care does not require any kind of annual access membership fee. This care also does not require you to meet with a provider. You can come in as needed for a walk-in wellness service.

Customized Health Memberships

The customized health memberships are for clients who would prefer more consistent, frequent access to care and providers. You do NOT have to be a member to access our walk-in wellness services. However, memberships offer multiple benefits.

What memberships are available?

The Total Functional Health & Wellness Membership is a broad umbrella program which includes working directly with your provider and having access to all available services. 

The Bioidentical Hormone and Peptide Access membership and the Rejuvenate IV membership are the other levels of membership for clients seeking more targeted access to specific services.

For more detail, see below.

Total Functional Health & Wellness Access Membership

This is the full-service, umbrella membership for clients working with extensive care with Sarah Godsave, NP. This membership is our broadest care package, which allows patients and the wellness team to choose from the wide range of treatment services available, including bioidentical hormones, peptides, IVs, and more. Members of the Total Functional Health & Wellness program will receive a carefully designed full-service wellness plan, including treatment recommendations and appointments designed for you.

All new patient wellness consultations include a one-year membership in the Total Functional Health & Wellness Access program. The membership will renew annually unless it is canceled 14 days before the renewal date.

Bioidentical Hormone and Peptide Access Membership

This membership is for clients who prefer more frequent access to bioidentical hormone and peptide services only. Clients work with a provider who monitors blood work less frequently, but it is still required.

Rejuvenate IV Membership

This membership is for clients who prefer more frequent access to IV services. It includes one complimentary tier 1 or 2 IV infusion and injection OR a tier 3 infusion, monthly pressed juice, a Normatec 2.0 leg recovery service (based on availability), and a Fuel IV Birthday infusion as well as access to members-only pricing. This membership has a 12-month commitment.

If Down to Earth Wellness is a direct pay practice, why and how can I use my insurance for some lab work? 

Lab services (excluding specialized functional lab work) are the only services that may be submitted to insurance.  These labs are done by Northwestern Labs (HealthLab), NOT by Down to Earth Wellness Center. Northwestern is our laboratory partner that has on-site locations and does accept insurance. If you choose to send your lab work through insurance, the billing will come directly from Northwestern Labs (HealthLab), so you will need to contact your insurance to determine costs. DTE Wellness cannot determine the cost of labs processed through insurance providers nor can we determine the costs of these off-site lab services.

A discounted cash pay option is available when running lab work. This cash pay fee is paid directly to DTE and would be in place of insurance billing for lab work.

Lab work ordered by DTE practitioners is extensive and thorough. Labs include many markers that are not checked by traditional doctors offices or approved by insurance companies because they are so detailed. Therefore, there may be some labs that your insurance may determine are not covered. However, the precise lab work is foundational to establishing a full picture and creating a successful wellness plan personalized to you and your wellness journey.

If I want to attempt to submit my lab work and/or treatments to insurance, how can I do that?

If you would like to access your comprehensive insurance invoice (superbill), you can click the link below to be directed to a login screen.

When you create your account, use the same email on file with DTE Wellness Center. If you have trouble, call the office and a wellness concierge will assist you.

From this website, you can access the detailed invoice which can be submitted to your insurance company. Our insurance invoice provides the codes for consultations and lab tests and procedures, if applicable. It also includes any in-store or online purchases.

You may also use funds from a Health Savings Account (HSA) to cover the costs of these tests. Please note that we cannot guarantee reimbursement for anything submitted to insurance. This will depend on your individual plan and your required deductible. Most insurance companies will not reimburse for supplements.

How can I find out if the recommended lab work will be covered by my insurance?

Patients who would like to submit lab work to insurance can contact their insurance company to see what tests are covered and what tests are not. We can provide you with the names of the tests and the CPT codes that correspond to the LapCorp codes so that you are prepared when you call.

If I receive a bill from my insurance for my lab work, what do I do?

Because we are a direct pay practice, all insurance claims, approvals, and payments are up to the patients. We work hard to provide you with what you need to submit to insurance, but we are not responsible for what they choose to cover and not cover. 

Remember, DTE Wellness does offer discounted cash pay lab work that may be a better option than insurance coverage.